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   3.5% Commission or Less to Sell Your Home

Buyer Rebates of up to 50%   

   (1% Or Less to Us, 2-2.5% to Buyer's Agent)

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MLS Entry Broker

An MLS Entry Broker or Realtor will charge a small fee to enter your listing on the MLS. You can use other sites for your listing, but the MLS has very wide distribution channels and a broader reach than most real estate web portals. We charge a fee of $199 to put your home on the MLS. Prospective buyers will contact you directly, and you can arrange a meeting with them to show them your property. Many for sale by owner home sellers use this option. You will do all the price negotiations with the home buyer, including any requests for repairs. And you specify in the MLS listing the commission you will pay to the buyer's broker. In California the typical commission to a buyer's broker is 2.5%, but often it is less.

https://www.tomhallen.com Pay us $49 to list your home on the MLS

https://www.tomhallen.com Pay us 0.5% or a flat fee to provide and help you complete the required disclosures so we can close escrow

Completing the disclosures in a real estate transaction is a very involved process. If you forget to check just one of the boxes, fail to disclose something important, or if you neglect to provide a disclosure that is required by law it can get very costly for you. We can provide and help you complete the required disclosures for a fee of about 0.5% of the sale price - more or less depending on the type of property, its size and location.

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