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   3.5% Commission or Less to Sell Your Home

Buyer Rebates of up to 50%   

   (1% Or Less to Us, 2-2.5% to Buyer's Agent)

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For Sale By Owner, FSBO Home Seller

A For Sale By Owner seller takes on a very active role in selling his property and typically assumes responsibility for many of the duties tradional real agents do in a standard transaction. If you want to do a FSBO, or For Sale By Owner, we can help with all the services you need. We can provide à la carte services, or complete services, whichever you prefer.

We will:

https://www.tomhallen.com List your home on the Multiple Listing Service ( MLS ) as an Open Listing for a small fee, and you can specify commission, if any, that you would like to pay to the buyer's broker.

https://www.tomhallen.com Provide and guide you through all the disclosures you need to close escrow.

https://www.tomhallen.com Install yard signs and/or a Supra lock box.

We generally do not recommend a complete For Sale By Owner route because it can add to seller liability. No matter how experienced you may be as a home seller, the laws frequently change and the disclosures are frequently updated. And by not providing a commission to a buyer's broker it could be argued that you would not allow the buyer to have professional representation. To us, it seems advisable to pay commissions to real estate brokers, even on For Sale By Owner properties, because professional representation for both the buyer and seller can reduce the seller's exposure to possible liability.

If you want to do a For Sale By Owner ( FSBO ) sale of your home let us know your budget, and we will try to work with you!

You might want to check our MLS Entry Broker page to see our basic fees.

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